What Do I Believe?

In this section I will introduce my basic views on the world. Nothing radical, nothing even particularly deep. Just an introduction. These aren’t explanations; these are my beliefs. To me, these are the basic starting points of understanding where the world is and where it may be going (if we don’t stop it), and therefore the kinds of actions each individual human should look at taking in order to create a better reality for themselves. However, I think that if you talk to me, you will find that my methods of change are quite different than you would expect…

P.s. – I am very into spirituality, but don’t prescribe to any set religion.

‘Energy’: Everything is vibration. Reality rests on a set of frequencies. Everything is conscious in some form. Our human body allows us to tune into the universe in a somewhat unique way, having a physical and psychical presence simultaneously. We have a higher self seeking to be expressed in a unique way through this physical body. That higher self originally comes from a higher dimension of existence and has come down to earth in a physical body to seek purpose and learning. Got it? Haha.

Technology: Our current forms of technology are nothing more than dogshit posing as glittery dogshit to fool the public into thinking that they have access to real technology. No. We get the shit technology, while the real sci-fi and futuristic tech is concealed and developed in secret by the corporate-government complex. This complex is made up of many groups and they don’t always get along. Many have their own vision for the future, just as we have ours. This concealment of technology started in full force around the time after the first world war and especially after the second. Ask me how and why!

Food + Water + Air: We are being deliberately poisoned in order to cut our connection to God and make us obedient slaves. Ask me where the poison is. Ask me how to get rid of it.

The Financial System: The financial system is largely headed by the global scourge of central banking. This apparatus was set up by and is used by every megabank in the world, such as JP Morg@n or Bank of Americ@. It’s design is to 1. Control your money, 2. Steal your money, 3. Steal your freedom, 4. Make you a slave, and 5. Own everything. I’m sure much could be added but that is the basic setup. Ask me how these monetary systems were set up. How people went along with them. How the future of money will look. This is really my specialty if I am being honest.

The War Machine: An extension of the financial system, the war machine is a global phenomena which enforces the rule of the banking system. Wars are setup and created (yes, every single once since at least world war one.) by the banking system to grow their power through control, of which the military is a huge part. I am not saying we do not need military. What I am saying is that the current military setup is one made to 1. Keep the dollar powerful, 2. Keep the price of oil high (ask me why), along with many other consequent desires.

‘The Mainstream’ (Media, Science, etc.): The mainstream is the distraction mechanism. Every day I see people fighting about things that don’t matter in the slightest when compared to what I have outlined above. I am not saying that everything is a lie, but rather that everything is a distraction from the truth. Ask me about what purpose any given mainstream narrative serves. The answer will usually be easy; divide and conquer.

Education: Worthless to a great deal of students due to the lack of diversity in teaching methods. This applies to school from pre-k all the way through college. A new system is needed.