Sessions: How I Guide

What sessions look like: A voyage

My goal is for sessions to be a unique experience for the client. While Reiki healing includes a general set of techniques, I believe it is of great importance to mold each session to the specific needs of the client.

I understand that every person is unique, and that because of that they each will respond differently to Reiki healing and some of the things that come with that.

Creating the Space During the Session

First I like to know what kind of space is going to be best. In general the space is going to be either more active or passive. For some clients I will be very vocal about what I am feeling in their energy field, for others I will be totally silent, and for others it might be a combination.

Personally, when I receive Reiki I like for it to be more passive than active. It helps me get into the flow of the session and really receive energetically. At first I thought that this would be best for everyone. But then I noticed some sessions going WAY better when I included some choice words.

The depth of those words also matter. Sometimes it will simply be me saying “I am moving to chakra X or Y, or I am using the water element here.” Other times I could be describing a chakra and its energetic qualities.

Overall, you can expect that I will have a certain intuitive guidance as to what should and should not be said in a session. However, it is always easier to know firsthand what a client wants. Therefore, I recommend clients give a brief description of the environment they prefer.

After the Session

Things are usually pretty simple after a session. I open the space up for any questions or thoughts the person has and I respond to those. There are no strict time constraints and I love to talk for as long as the person feels the need to. Other times, both of us simply want to stay in that high vibration and no words need to be said (our spirits do the ‘talking’ anyways, lol).

I always have thoughts after sessions as well. Some people want me to share as much as possible, and others don’t really want to know. I understand both sides of it; we don’t want to be in a rush to define ourselves by other people’s impressions, but we also want the advice of others. Depending on the person, the needs in that moment will be different and I respect either choice.

So I hope this gives a better picture as to how I guide sessions. If you have any more questions feel free to send me an email. If you want your first session free, sign up here!