The easiest way to start getting in touch with your spiritual nature is to update your nutrition. If your body isn’t harmonic with what is being put into it, then your frequency will suffer and therefore everything else will suffer with it (as vibration is the core of growth).

My journey into nutrition began with a simple video I watched on flouride, named “Flouride, Poison on Tap”. It explains the history and conspiracy behind why flouride is in the water. After watching this documentary, I began to research food, water, air, and many other things because I wanted to know what I was really doing with my body. After all, I wasn’t in terrible shape. I was a young, 17 year old kid who looked pretty good and did well enough in school.

My personal supplement list

Was I Really Healthy?

The first question I asked was this: “Am I really happy with my nutrition?” Sure, I wasn’t obese and I did pretty well in sports, but that’s just a small piece of the health puzzle. When I looked deeper, I realized that I wasn’t healthy at all! Here’s what I found:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Lack of Focus
  • Low Energy
  • Brain Fog
  • Trouble Sleeping

Now, while it’s true that these are multi-faceted issues, I thought that the evidence behind diet being the culprit was strong enough to at least try to switch things up – after all, I was eating microwaved food which was highly processed and many other questionable things (Although I have to thank my parents for a lot of home-cooked meals – that helped me at least be somewhat healthy!).

I noticed a difference. But honestly, it wasn’t all that crazy. I still suffered from the same ailments. And the thing about these ailments is that they weren’t debilitating. I could go to school, play sports, etc. But I didn’t feel one hundred percent.


So I tried supplements. And that is when things really changed. The diet end can take care of things like digestion, some energy levels, acne, and more. But ultimately, I started to believe that no matter what your diet, today’s food simply does not have the quantities of vitamins and minerals which are required for optimal bodily nutrition (I learned much of this from Dr. Edward Group’s book The Secret to Health). So I began to supplements with iodine, a multivitamin, and other plants & herbs.

Within a couple weeks, life was totally different. I had energy I never knew I had before. My routine was on point. I felt optimistic. My first semester in college I got a 4.0 – and it felt pretty easy to be honest!

People I talk to like to hype me up, saying that I am naturally just smart or something. Personally, I don’t buy into it all that much. Maybe I have a high IQ but I don’t think that matters too much. Ultimately, I think it is my health that got me to finish college in 3 years with a 3.77 and almost ZERO studying.

After all, in high school I regularly got D’s and C’s. Looking back I can see why that happened, and it wasn’t about smarts; it just took me being healthy and balanced to really be present in the moment and actually recall what was being taught to me. I looked around and I saw kids kind of taking notes, kind of paying attention, kind of depressed, kind of lost. It wasn’t that they were stupid, but that they weren’t participating in the present moment!

Aftermath: What I’ve Learned

This is really an introduction to my holistic healing journey. I could talk about it forever! But I want to share here what I’ve learned about health and supplements in the hope that other people will find it useful.

I’ve tried dozens, maybe over a hundred supplements at this point. Not all of them work. There are a couple key factors which I always found important in determining if a supplement would work or not:

  • Plant-derived is more effective
  • Organic is preferred
  • Liquid supplements absorb better & cause less digestive problems
  • Don’t go overboard – add things one at a time
  • Know whether to eat with food or not
  • Daily values can lie (but be careful – can also overdose on some supplements)
  • Need to be consistent
  • Only buy from brands you trust – if they don’t say it, they probably don’t do it
  • Tested for purity
  • No supplement can substitute for bad diet, sleep, or excercise habits

This is just a small list of general advice. Again, if you want to see my personal supplement regime, which is subject to change, check out these links: