NFT Content

This is a new area I am currently dipping my feet into. The plan is to create spiritual content that is purchasable and transferable on the NFT marketplace.

If you aren’t familiar with what NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are, then check out this.

There are a couple of very exciting things about this project I am starting up. First, I plan to release a ton of free content in the form of meditations. Anyone who views the NFT can listen to the meditation for free! While this may seem counterintuitive towards the whole concept of ownership (why would someone buy something that others can access for free?), I think it is a beautiful way to go.

A strong theme in my life is altruism. I believe by giving I will get more back from the universe. Therefore, a great way for me to share is to give things for free and inspire people to become part of what I am building/the love I am sharing. They can do so by supporting my work in the purchase of an NFT.

There are also benefits to being the actual owner of said NFTs. While I am not saying that they are an investment, I do believe that what I am sharing here is part of the future of this world – a future with more connection, love, understanding, beauty, sex, and overall high vibrations. Whether it is monetary gain or other kinds of gain that come to you, I believe that becoming part of each other’s process in any way will be immensely helpful.

Anyways, that is the preliminary stuff! Below you will find a link to my page, with my first release already there. Cheers.

energyenterprise NFT page