How I Discovered Energy Work

the energy of water and teal flame is a powerful ally

I think it is important for people to know the background of who they are working with, so here I will share parts of my path in discovering energy work.

It has been short journey in some ways and a long one in others. The world we live in today has been turbo-charged and I think many kids are growing up much faster than was previously the case.

I consider myself one of these kids. Why, I don’t really know. In a lot of ways it feels like pure chance and luck; finding the right people, seeing the right information, and being the kind of person that seeks out answers of all kinds.


I always tell people that my journey into energy work started with economics. Without knowing anything else, I would think that these two things are about as far apart as possible. Economics is where we crunch numbers and optimize, a very 3D oriented line of work (for most people). But there are a couple ways in which I differed from the traditional economist.

I never got into economics because I wanted to crunch numbers. I got into it for two reasons: One, because I wanted to understand the economic system and how money ended up where it does, and two, because I loved psychology.

Traditional economics incorporates some psychology, but it attempts to control this psychology through market manipulations in order to optimize things. I simply wanted to know how we had gotten so far divorced from our natural state of being.

Economics really showed me how most people are highly programmed by economic and societal forces and this made me desire knowledge beyond that paradigm; something that could transcend it.

In truth, it was hard for me to accept the world the way that I saw it at that time: A couple large institutions and families running things from the top-down in order to gain as much wealth and power as possible. I wanted to find anything that could bring me to a more optimistic state of mind.

Russell Targ: The Banned TED Talk

Somehow, I don’t know how, I stumbled across this banned TED Talk given by Russell Targ. I was instantly hooked. I wasn’t totally convinced, but I felt strongly that there was something true to what he said.

From there I started reading books, most notably Robert Monroe’s Journeys Out of the Body. I also started meditating on a regular basis to connect more with these energies. Things started to unfold fairly rapidly after this, and I began to look much more deeply into ancient cultures such as the Mesoamericans, Buddhists, Chinese, and other groups and their interests in the occult. Most disturbing was my study of the Nazis and the types of experiments they were doing.

Long story short, I became aware of the spiritual world and its effects on people. I started to notice how my energy affected my work, my motivation, and my outcomes. My mind got sharper. While in high school I struggled to get anything higher than a C, by college I easily got by with a 4.0 major GPA – very little studying, very little work. It was my newfound understanding of attention that got me there.

Going Deeper

I found that understanding the existence of the energetic reality and the way it impacts the world (it is the prior cause – coming first/it determines the physical reality in my opinion) was really just the first step. Things went from “Wow this is kind of cool” to “this is literally Dr. Strange” quite fast. Haha.

I discovered two of my mentors: Etienne Charland (who I am currently learning from) and Rion Kati. Rion (working with Etienne) had created a new strategy of Alchemy called Natural Grounding, which worked with sex transmutation as described in Napolean Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. Alchemy instantly gave me amazing results in meeting and dating women, further strengthening my belief in energy work.

My First Psychic Experience

I think it is important to mention that being directly psychic isn’t a requirement for energy work. We are all naturally connected to each other and can cultivate that connection right now. We might not see each other in perfect 4K HD, but we can feel the connection in our hearts when we put aside our rational mind (which wants to see everything with it’s eyes to know it’s real). With enough training and dedication we can go far beyond anything we previously thought possible.

I was dreaming of my Grandma. She was the most spiritually connected family member I knew, often mentioning spirits around her. Most people dismissed her visions as the musings of an elderly woman, but I always listened to her with an open mind. Through that, we built a unique connection which I will always ben grateful for. It is this connection which opened me up to see what I am about to share:

I was in her house and there were two versions of her. They both fell to the floor. I caught them and laid them down. They transformed into black cats. (there is much more context to this than I feel comfortable sharing).

I asked my mom to ask Grandma if she had been seeing anything recently. She told my mom she had been seeing black cats in her dreams.

A skeptical mind could pick this apart, but for me it was quite powerful. I don’t find it to be a coincidence given what was going on in life at that time. After all, that is the only time I have ever seen a black cat in my dreams (and also the only time I’ve ever been in my grandparents house in a dream).

Discovery of the Dangers of Energy Work

For awhile I was in a sort of ‘honeymoon phase’ of energy work, where everything was beautiful and there were no worries. However, I quickly realized that there are still dark forces at play beyond simply the physical realm. This is what caused me to become the type of healer I am today: I strive to work with source/God energy only and try to be as careful as possible with

The dream with my grandma was part of this. The black cats, to me, represented a dark force attacking her soul.

In my opinion, there are many ways in which people can be susceptible to attacks, and so a main focus of mine is finding ways to dispel these attacks and stay connected to God. I have many different strategies for this and I am open to speak about them in sessions.

In all honestly, many people (including me at points) are in rough patches in life.God-connected energy work is needed now more than ever on an individual and collective level in order to neutralize dark forces and build a new paradigm. I hope you will think about scheduling a free session with me today to see if it helps you!