How to Spur Your Creative Process

Too often I see people who clearly have a knack for creative endeavors, whether that be music, art, entrepreneurship, or something else, give up on their vision because of discouragement, depression, addiction, or distraction.

In the video below, I go in-depth on creativity, inspiration, blocks, and clearing blocks. Once you can maintain your true soul-level inspiration, you can really detach from the habits that are holding your passion back.

If you don’t care for videos, keep reading!

Where Do Creative Blocks Really Come From?

There are many places which can cause creative blocks, however there is one category which usually grabs every single creative aspirant at one point or another. That is the fear of success.

Many people don’t know it, but they are afraid to be great. Afraid to share their truth. The problem is, your creativity can only authentically be given if you are sharing what you are, rather than what someone else is. If you do that, you will hit a dead end at some point. Or you simply won’t be fulfilling a worthy purpose.

While the talk in your head may go something like this: “Oh, I’ve done enough for today. I think I’ll go relax.”, your unconsious is saying: “Whooooaah. That’s a little to close to the fire. I think we better step back or we might get burned. Don’t wanna be too risky.”

That point is when you hold the most potential. You can retrain your mind, using inspiration, to keep focused on a goal and see it through.

Creative Inspiration: Warm Up, Shut Out

You need to shut out these energies. Even if they don’t show up as thoughts consciously. You are at your MOST creative when you have taken a couple minutes to warm up the engines. That’s when you really start to produce.

What is the difference between the truly great sports players and the average ones? They don’t get tired in the same way. They perform better as the game goes on rather than worse. Sometimes it seems like they have unlimited reserves of energy that they are pulling form thin air in order to see their goals through. In a way, they do. And you can have those reserves too.

Of course, you have to love the game. You have to feel it as a purpose, and purpose is something that I have struggled with for much of my life. In fact, I still don’t really know where I am headed; some things are better left to God.

Anyways, let’s talk about inspiration. It isn’t enough to shut out the negative thoughts and keep going. You have to have a reason for keeping going. There are infinite sources of creativity which you can tap into and take hold of. It could be as simple as a loved one, a flower, a bee, a dog, a leaf, the air, etc.

When you reach that point where it feels like you have ‘done enough’, go back to that inspiration. Keep inducing that feeling. Would your inspiration want you to quit? To feel discouraged? I don’t think so. They would want you to keep going. As Jordan Peterson once said, treat yourself as if you are someone responsible for taking good care of yourself/making the best life for yourself.

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