Where To Live in 2022

Long time no see. I’ve been busy (or maybe not) figuring out where I want to live, what I want to do, etc. The topic of where to live in this crazy age is on the top of everyone’s mind. After all, people are diverging more and more and because of this it can be harder and harder to stay in areas where you are so much more disconnected from the population.

This is where I found myself in Connecticut. While there are so many people there I love, including family, friends, relatives, etc., it was becoming hard for me to find exactly what I was looking for; freedom-loving people (not necessarily spiritual).

In this post I will detail different places I have lived (Atlanta, Playa del Carmen Mexico, Connecticut, and now Austin Texas), the benefits and drawbacks of each, and what really matters when you are a spiritual person searching for a place to live.

People Like Me vs. People Not Like Me

You don’t necessarily want people around that are exactly like you. My opinion is that you want people who are sufficiently similar that you don’t have a hard time interacting or finding common ground, but also different enough that you expand your horizons for life.

This works similarly to how humans learn in sports, science, and many other fields. For example, if you were to face off against Djokovic in tennis, you wouldn’t learn much due to his superiority; he would ace you every time and you wouldn’t really know why. In math, if you were to be thrown a very advanced calculus problem but had only ever looked at basic algebra, you would be lost. We need that smooth ride up.

So my objective when looking for places to live is to identify the areas which are important to me, in essence creating ‘scores’ for the people that live there and comparing them to my own ‘scores’. Let’s say that I am a 10 for “freedom mindset”. I’ll be looking for people who are anywhere from a 6-10 probably. Any lower and it would be hard to connect.

However, this changes when looking at spirituality. I don’t find the need for someone to be very spiritual. What is more important to me is their underlying essence (because we are all spiritual, whether admitted or not). A freedom loving person is going to have a more clean connection to God, and so I wish to connect with that person more than a spiritual person who isn’t really about freedom (and consequently God, from my perspective).

Scores by State

Here I will outline scores which I have muscle tested (I don’t know the exact accuracy but they make sense to me) for each location I’ve been. I know some of these terms are broad, but it is what it is. Just a guidepost.


  • % spiritual: 13
  • % freedom-aligned: 7
  • % vaccinated: 91 (official is around 98 I think?)
  • % open-minded: 2

Austin, Texas

  • % spiritual: 23
  • % freedom-aligned: 51
  • % vaccinated: 58
  • % open-minded: 28, but the rest of the 100 percent also have a different feel than the other 98 percent of people in CT – don’t really know what that is

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

  • % spiritual: 34
  • % freedom-aligned: hard to read – it’s as if a lot of the freedom is operating at a subconsious level. Maybe 45?
  • % vaccinated: 83
  • % open-minded: Again hard to read. Around 30?

Atlanta, Georgia

  • % spiritual: 8
  • % freedom-aligned: 37
  • % vaccinated: 65
  • % open-minded: 3

Energy of Different Places

I don’t feel qualified to read you the energy of certain places. All I can go off are the feel of the people I have met. I loved Playa del Carmen. Even the vaxxed people I met there were very nice and often less corrupted than some unvaxxed people I know. There’s a certain level of dissociation from the B.S. that coats the USA which is good; a lot of the people follow the ‘rules’ but really keep a freedom about themselves.

I think the people are the most important part of the places we live. Using our powers of manifestation, most places can be much better than they appear. But sometimes you jus tneed a change. That’s what I found in Connecticut. It doesn’t mean I’m going to spend my life in Texas, but that for now I am commanded to find a new environment and see what it hold for my potential.

Each place also has different opportunities. Look at these. See how you want to involve yourself. Personally, I was attracted to Austin because of it’s thriving comedy, music, and Jiu Jitsu industries. Other people may be attracted to rural areas where they can do more gardening, fishing, etc. I don’t know! Anything.

Anyways, I hope this post has helped you analyze the places you live and do not hesitate to reach out to me on Facebook if you want me to help you think about the best place for YOU to live, which will fully take advantage of your many talents.



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