Meditations For Free – First Two Released

Hi everyone! This is just a short post to let you know about two free meditations I have posted.

I’ve been doing my own personal meditation for awhile, guiding myself through things that need to be dealt with. This is the first time I have shared the intutive guidance which I receive during meditation sessions.

Really, these are more contemplations than anything. I speak quite a bit. The purpose is to help all of us deal with issues in our own lives on the physical and energetic planes.

Meditation One – Release Negative Relationships

I made this meditation to help people release relationships that are no longer serving them or the other person. In today’s world, division is at an all time peak and many individuals harbor negative emotions towards people like me (and probably you if you are reading this post). It’s something I’ve had to deal with quite a bit and so I thought others would find my guidance helpful.

The thing with letting people go is that it is always two-sided. You can do the release on your end, but if you don’t deal with the other person’s energy, you are often going to get pulled back in by their vampiric ways. That is always how it is with low vibration people and high vibration people – the low vibration will do whatever it can in order to maintain the person who wants to break away.

Here it is:

Meditation Two – July World Energy Meditation

I made this meditation to deal with some of the energies I’ve noticed in many spiritual communities. A lot of love and light people harbor negative emotions towards the ‘sheep’ or ‘unawakened’. I understand all of those points – if I could snap a finger and solve all of it I would. However, the truth is that everyone has their own path and free will. We have the responsiblity to focus on our own vibration and make real changes that way, rather than working on getting higher vibrations by being angry or resentful at others.

It’s another thing I’ve struggled with over the years, and in no way am I saying this about everyone. But I guarantee that this meditation will have something in it that will help you process energies that you may have never noticed! I also deal with addiction here, but not extensively as I plan to do another larger meditation on that topic.

Here it is:

These and the rest of my future meditations will be posted on this page.

Hope you enjoy! Until next time, with love,


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