June 2022 Updates – New Content Future

Wow. What a year it has been so far. For me, things have shifted in ways I never could have imagined. At the start of this year, I was just a novice in the energy work field (not much direct experience, just a couple years of meditation and research into the non physical). Now, that is being taken to the next level. I have some exciting content for the future..


First, I haven’t spent any time or money marketing myself. That is going to change within the next few months. I feel I am at a point now where both the world and myself need what I have to offer. That includes what I have already been offering, Reiki, as well as a couple more ideas in my head.

New Resources

I am going to expand into other resources, free and paid, in order for people to get a better grasp on my energy and whether it is a good fit for them to work with. This is going to start with a series of meditations I will release concerning some of the core issues that all of us grapple with; self-identity, confidence, peace, being vs. becoming, why am I here, what is my purpose, etc. These will be accessible at a low cost level (I am thinking 5-10 dollars per meditation, they will be around 20 minutes long).

As for the free content, I am thinking of a variety of ways to distribute it. The first idea I had is the most exciting, albeit the most risky: Livestreaming meditations in the morning to either Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, or all of those platforms. The content of these would simply be based on what I feel for the day. This would be a great place to build a community that can utilize free content. The downside is that it is a potential source of attack.

Another interesting twist would be this: Online streaming. I have always loved video games, and as a wrote in this post, the online gaming world is suffering from a lack of spiritual leadership. I could provide some of that. It would take a lot of work, but may be worth it.

Finally, coaching. I will be offering this in the future, but not right now. If you are interested and think its a good fit, we may be able to work something out, but I am not equipped to deal with everything that could be involved with that level of intensity.

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