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Dr. Disrespect – Was Banned From Twitch for ‘unknown reasons’

While I was not born in time for the beginning of the online world, I have had the fortune to see it evolve in some incredible ways over the last 15 years. It stands today as something unrecognizable from before. It used to be a place of free speech, free expression, free thought, and free action. That has been slowly diluted away by a myriad of factors which I am going to lay out for you right here. I’ll then explain my vision for what the internet could be again.

Why Is This Important?

The importance of this cannot be overstated. I understand that life is much more than the internet, but I also feel the technological age we are in has a great part to play in humanity’s future. A good balance between the physical world and the digital world is all we need.

The problem is the kind of content being thrown into the faces of kids. I don’t really care too much about adults – we can make our own choices, and most adults are not willing to change anyways (the ideas and beliefs that have been implanted by propaganda are hard to break – lets start with the most important things first).

Kids often don’t have choice. The younger they are, the more susceptible to programming they are (good or bad). The programming that is currently being thrown at them is so dark and complex that it is almost hard to wrap my brain around it.

The Programming

From what I’ve seen, it isn’t just about implanting idea x or y in the brains of humanity. If you just implant an idea, then another idea can come along and take over. This is the natural process of evolution. You learn something, you question, you learn something else, and that goes on and on.

So what really needs to be removed is the concept of questioning being a good thing. There needs to be certain topics that cannot be questioned, or can only be questioned by certain ‘qualified’ people. Parents hold responsibility for this in large part. But what do non-parents like me do? I love the online world. Kids are going to keep using it. So what can I do to build a space where free thought again reigns supreme?

The Current State vs. Where I Want To Be

The main area I want to speak on is the one I know best: Live streaming platforms. These platforms are huge, the main one being Twitch but also YouTube among others. Millions of people, mostly younger, are watching these streams every day and being influenced by the energy behind each streamer.

There is only one streamer I have ever seen say something that was ‘out of line’ concerning covid, and it wasn’t even anything that ‘out there’. I’m sure there are some others, but ultimately I think having one person out of tens of thousands is a pretty terrible ratio. Meanwhile, every streamer I have watched in the past month will mention things like: “Yes, I’m fully vaxxed”, “I was an idiot for not wearing a mask”, “I shouldn’t be talking about this because I’m not qualified”, etc. I feel for those that want to speak out but fear the attack. After all, most online communities are leftist pits and that’s not even counting covid. If you say one thing that is wrong, you will be hated and ridiculed.

It is what it is. There is no way to reconcile these differences in most cases.


So the strategy isn’t to start a stream and just red-pill everyone. It is to simply open the space up on an energetic level such that people (especially kids) can start thinking freely again. Stop getting into arguments online and start being a peaceful foundation for what you believe in. I tell you this from personal experience: The negative forces on this earth want you angry, want you arguing, want you hating. That feeds them. What scares them is a person who shares with patience and love. People will intuitively sense the intent behind this and many will follow.

And to explain more about kids: They will test you. I saw this in myself and I see it in almost every kid I meet that is under 13 years old. They want to know that you really are what you say you are. If you half-ass your ‘peaceful person’ character, they will break it and not trust you. However, if you stand tall and are unshaken, they will be amazed and will want to understand what you do that makes you this way. God knows that we lack role models like this.

Other Thoughts/Options

There are many directions that the future could take us. The most optimal, in my opinion, is a new generation of online personalities or figures that are pro-freedom and don’t follow the NPC programming. These people would also be accepting of others who chose do do this, take that, believe this, etc., but would not compromise their beliefs because they may be attacked.

The real question is this: Will this new generation require new platforms, or can it be done on existing ones? I think that it is actually possible to be done on existing ones. Sure, they will ban you if you say certain things, but it may be worth it because the sheer quantity of people on these platforms. Again, the actual things that are said are not as important as the intent behind the space being created; there is a lot of good that can be done without speaking out on vaccines and focusing on the spirit of questioning and free thought/speech.

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