Free Reiki Sessions Launched: Future of My Work

It is with great excitement that I launch free Reiki sessions for people who have never worked with me before. If you are interested, you can schedule one here.

I’d be lying if it didn’t also come with the slightest touch of anxiety too! I’ve been working with energies for so long now, but I’ve never actually directly worked on someone else before (other than in my actual training). It feels like a new beginning of focusing my work towards purpose rather than just money (which is kind of what stock trading is, albeit the money can and has been used to help me grow spiritually, which is important too).

Anyways, I figured I would just outline what the future of my business is going to be and what I am working towards now.

Future Energy Work Methods

So right now I only offer the Reiki and the Experimental Energy Work Sessions. In the future, my goal is to essentially create my own methods of energy work that incorporate my own intuitive work as well as the thousands of years of great history that other healing methodologies have.

This would include qigong, modern physical therapy, sound healing, music, other creative practices, and much more. I already have a solid foundation in some of these which is good. However, it will probably take years before I offer them.


The future of the world is not going to be as physical. Physical constraints such as resources and scarcity will be a thing of the past. This is why I want to focus on the spirit and not on the material. While we will need people to actually bring those technologies in, we will also need the consciousness to handle those technologies.

In fact, I think that having the consciousness must come before the technology. If the technology comes and we are not ready, then it could be quite destructive (such as what we are seeing with the AI agenda).

Healing. Love. Higher vibrations connected to God. That is the essence of everything I want to bring. Anything that can help that, I want to offer.

With love,


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