God: Energy Healing & Christianity

So if you didn’t know, I’ve been down in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for about two weeks now. During this time, I’ve learned and been attuned to Reiki 1 and 2. I will be offering free sessions to expand my client base soon. What is Reiki? It channels God/Source energy to heal you!

But that isn’t why I’m writing today. I want to talk about some awesome connections between energy healing and Christianity.

The Concept of God

One thing that I share with Christians (if you didn’t know, I grew up a Christian, became atheist, and now have regained faith but don’t officially call myself a Christian) is belief in God. For so many non-believers there is the desire for people of faith to define God. Why let innocent people suffer? Why allow good and evil to exist?

These are all questions that I would use to reject faith in the past. But after much time, I no longer hold onto these questions which often invoke anger, hate, distrust, and uncertainty. The key is this: To me, God is not something to define.

God rests beyond humans, beyond the 3rd dimension, and even beyond many spiritual dimensions. The best way to describe it, in my opinion, is the universal source of life. It isn’t for me to debate with – it is for me to follow in order to understand and fulfill a greater purpose. The more I try to control it and become it, the further I get from true understanding/enlightenment.

Energy Healing Works Through God

I think that it is understandable that many Christians would be critical of energy healing, especially because in the past there have been many negative groups that have used energy techniques in order to hurt others.

But this is really nothing new to Christians. In the Bible, it is understood that Lucifer is a fallen angel who rebels against God. The same logic applies in the spiritual world. There are energy workers out there that rebel against God, and there are those that want to work with and through God.

My energy healing techniques are designed to work through source consciousness and bring the healing flow of God into a person’s life. In a way they are a prayer. I don’t invoke anything other than source consciousness and the elements (earth, wind, water, storm, and fire) into a session because these are the things I know personally.

I respect energy workers who invoke guides and other positive spirits into a session. Personally, I do not. I don’t feel comfortable with it.

So I hope this post has brought a greater connection between honest, God-loving Christians and the work that I am doing. You can rest knowing that I am a follower of God and don’t seek spiritual power divorced from it.

…Amen. Haha


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