Time to ‘Buy’ Spirituality

Many of you might not know this, but before I got involved in energy work and spirituality, I focused most of my time and efforts on finance. Before I ever studied economics in college, I was reading books from the most prominent Austrian economists in history ( Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises being the top ones). That set me up to understand the inner workings of the financial system, and how to play the game that the Keynesian economists of today play (debt-based globalist takeover type stuff). Long story short, I got interested in the stock market and that’s how I make money right now.

One of the simplest rules that I have found in the market is that when there is a massive amount of fear, it is probably a good time to buy. I bought the market during the covid crash, understanding that the fear was overblown and created by the bankers cabal in order to gain more power. I have continued to do that at many smaller points since.

What Does This Have to do With Spirituality?

Right now, there is a lot of discouragement, confusion, and fear spreading among these communities. With the complexity of today’s physical environment, it seems that the complexity on the energetic levels has also increased a great deal. This means that there are many more ways for people to get caught up in certain belief systems, thought patterns, etc. This causes them to be less open to other points of view and changes in information (something Corey Goode recently talked about).

This discouragement has led a lot of people to dismiss any good news and believe it is part of the opposition. Take the freedom convoy; No, I don’t see it ‘saving the world’ and such. But people are dismissing it like it doesn’t matter. What does matter then?

People standing up to tyranny is what matters. Any individual doing such a thing is making a difference, no matter how small it may seem. To me, this convoy is part of that movement. Sure, there have been many protests in the past that didn’t do anything (take Occupy Wall St., for example. That was a colossal failure). Sure, those in power will do their best to use these protests to gain more power (take what Justin Trudeau just did). I get it. It seems hopeless. But then what are our options? Lie down and hope it works itself out on its own? NO! We keep doing our best to resist tyranny and to wake others up. We can do that by supporting the core message of the truckers convoy and resisting the ways in which tyrants will turn movements against themselves.

More Importantly…

Energetic support is what we need. Even a good attitude towards something can make a difference energetically. That is why it is important to look at your thought patterns; I have noticed in the past that while I say I want something good to happen, in the back of my mind I have no faith that it actually could happen. The banks control everything, the governments are totally corrupted, and the population is hypnotized. How can I make a difference?

The physical component is important. At some point things will fully play out in the physical. How, I don’t know. But the energetic comes first.

For example, you are not a victim to your genes. Your thoughts and attitudes will influence your gene expressions. When those new expressions are opened up through higher vibration thoughts and attitudes, we don’t know exactly how they will be expressed. Its a beautiful mystery. That alone has an energetic component to it.

The same thing can be done to affect the physical. Sending high vibration energy to different places and people will impact the physical outcomes.

Don’t be Discouraged

I’m ‘buying’ the stock of spirituality. Things are so bad (and will probably get worse in some ways) that a rebound is in order. We can ensure a better rebound if we support the stock ourselves in whatever way possible.

Personally, there are big changes coming for me. I’m taking a trip to Mexico in a few weeks and that is going to help me detach from some of the negative things here in CT. I don’t know what is going to happen after that trip but it’s gonna be life changing.

A major theme for me is changing my environment – the people I surround myself with being the most important. It makes them more comfortable when you are down there are their level. I’ve spent much too long in that mediocrity, denying the reality of their energetic vampirism. Like-minded people getting together is going to be the opposite of vampirism – it will exponentially increase our power. Exciting!

If you’re looking to learn some strategies for helping yourself and others, perhaps consider booking a session!



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