Accessing the Present Moment

The present moment is something of a ‘holy grail’ in the spiritual community. Much is talked about regarding the importance of living in the present moment in order to realize the beauty and love that surrounds us. What I’m going to talk about today is in relationship to things that I often see pushing people OUT of the present moment and INTO wanting something other than the present moment.

What is Pleasure?

First, there is nothing wrong in enjoying pleasure. The problems come when seeking immediate pleasure takes precedent over a more holistic outlook. We see this most clearly in addiction, something that has taken hold in our world in a very dark manner. However, pleasure has its roots in many other places. I am proud to say that I am not addicted to any drugs, however I will not lie and say that I don’t still have my fair share of ‘addictions’.

Addiction might mean different things to different people. Personally, I view addiction as something that can take hold in almost any life action. Most significantly, many of us are addicted to specific thought patterns and near-unconscious ways of interacting with the world. I notice this in myself when listening to music.

Music is a source of great pleasure for me. However, for much of my life listening to music was like an addiction – listening to the same song over and over again until I got sick of it. Sometimes it would be like, one line. I could listen to a song over and over to just hear that one line! Just like any addiction, the pleasure waned and waned until I had to find a new drug (new song) to fulfill the same rush.

Transcending Addiction

Music is a very significant part of my spiritual practices. Nearly every day I incorporate high-frequency media into my meditation sessions. The contemplation in the previous paragraph was reached during these sessions. Now to expand.

So like I said, it was often just one line I was searching for – like a drug. What that means is that not only was I becoming more bored with the overall media each listen, but that I was also not focusing on the present moment and the magic that was already there, if only I would pay attention!

It eventually got to a Pavlovian level where before the actual stimulus was introduced – the line I really liked – I would have the sensory experience that it was happening. But it was dulled. And then, when the moment finally came, I wouldn’t actually like it all that much. Again, a symptom of addiction. And the real kicker is that I kind of thought that I WAS connected to the present moment – and was wondering why I wasn’t seeing great results! Thankfully, my dissatisfaction pushed me to realize where I went wrong.

When I finally started connecting more to the present moment in my sessions, I realized that not only did I start to appreciate the beauty present in all parts of any given song (this can be applied to any life situation as well), but I also started to enjoy my ‘favorite’ parts even more too. An intense rush of pleasure would come WITH them, not before.

The truth is that the core of high-frequency media stretches beyond the confines of time and space. It is archetypal, timeless truth, and that isn’t like a drug when we leverage it with our own connection to the timeless truth of the present moment. It becomes a beauty that we can access at any time and for any length of time.

Bringing it Together

No longer do songs get boring. Every experience is its own unique expression. For that matter, no longer are the dishes boring. Taking out trash. Petting the cat. Etc. It can all be an outlet for beauty.

I know there are a lot of spiritual seekers out there and I am one of them. Despite my years of meditation and attempts to understand, much of my searching has actually pushed me away from connecting more with this power, as I was always asking questions and using thought. So I suggest finding ways to challenge yourself into loving and accepting things as they are.

If you wish to start finding ways to connect more to the present moment and dispel fear, maybe ask an anonymous question or book a session with me!



P.s. I would also suggest to become more selective with the media that you consume. This is because IF you connect more to the present moment you may also end up alchemizing energy in unintended ways – for example, the Travis Scott concert which was rife with demonic energy.

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