What is the Future of Media?

Our lives, including mine, are currently centered around many different forms of media. Mainly, music and other creative medias (but also news). In today’s age of centralization, control, and lack of freedom, I have some ideas about where media will be going in the future and how we can take advantage of those trends.

The Music Industry

The music industry will be a large part of the future as we move into media as not just a enjoyable pastime, but a healing practice (alchemy). As much as I love the infinite power of resources out there, I see the corporate control of this industry as a huge problem. While it may not be totally manifested in a negative way yet, I see some issues now and bigger ones down the road.

First, narratives are controlled. Creating music that is opposed to mainstream narratives is something that only independent artists can do. I follow many artists and have RARELY seen an artist under a major label speak out about the more sinister elements of the world in a meaningful way. However, artists that make their own labels and do things their way, while they sacrifice views and thus money, they have the freedom to tell their truth in a different way. (My personal favorite would be ‘TRICKED’ by Royce da 5’9″ & KXNG Crooked, or Upside Down on the same album. Also, the freestyle Royce did on L.A. Leakers is LEGENDARY).

Source: L.A. Leakers YouTube channel

Second, many artists are placed in a box. It isn’t their fault. For the most part these artists have good intentions and just want to make music that lights up people’s lives. The problem is that the world has gotten so crazy that ignoring certain things is no longer an option. I would prefer to consume media that has the elements of authentic feminine/masculine & the individual search for truth. Another question I don’t have the answer to: Is authentic feminine and masculine embodiment related to a person not allowing themselves to be censored in any way, consciously or unconsciously? Could someone’s authentic truth be not thinking about certain elements of the world? A lot for me to think about there.

I want feedback on what I am about to say as I don’t really know the answer, but it has been eating at my mind for a couple weeks now: Is the energy of vaccinated artists being compromised? Beneath the skin, I see a lot of programming. They might be a conduit for some good energy but they have also compromised themselves in some manner.

Moving Into Decentralization

Decentralization is the theme of the world moving forward. Everything has been so tightly centralized that there will be a reaction to the other side, and rightfully so. Decentralization of media will free artists to talk about whatever they want to (and free up producers as well).

We are already seeing a great deal of decentralization when it comes to news, with alternatives almost everywhere and gaining great deals of traction. The move away from mainstream media has been going on for awhile now really. Podcasting was a huge catalyst for that. Music is lagging behind though. Why? Well, I think in large part because it took the problems much longer to reach the music industry. The mainstream artists of today are still making music that sounds really good to be honest. Meanwhile, CNN makes my ears bleed within five seconds.

The decentralization of music will accelerate when the beauty starts to be chipped away. This is already happening in some ways, but it isn’t in full swing. My hope is that artists who see that labels might have a greater agenda moving forward will try to move into their own space. After all, they have the money. I see a good amount of artists already doing so, and I applaud them for it.

So in the meantime, I will be building up my own creative practices to include music and my growing Truth. Things have to start somewhere.



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