Resolving My Conflict Between Physical and Energetic Reality

A couple months ago I was talking with a mentor of mine concerning the path my life was taking. Essentially, I was interacting less with people in the physical reality because it was hard to find people in the physical that would not be siphoning my energy in an unhealthy way! The geographical area I am in is not conducive to the types of people I would like to surround myself with eventually.

I asked him this: “How long is it OK to stay separated from the physical reality doing meditation and things.” Truthfully, I called it the ‘real world’, which I now see more as a perversion. This is because he explained to me that the energetic reality is what determines the physical reality.

Today’s World – Looking Inside

In my opinion, getting spiritually healthy is the most important thing for me to do. People will tell you that it isn’t OK – “Aren’t you lonely?” – “You need to get out more!” Actually, I am more connected than I have ever been. Most of my life was spent inside my own head with anxieties, stress, addictions, and other negative forces. Now I am liberating those things and feel the universe embrace me like never before!

The COVID pandemic sort of forced my/our hand in this way – the world began to change very rapidly and people were being shown for who they are and what they believe. It started to force me to make hard decisions about what I really believed in. That started with acknowledging the way in which energy is exchanged between people in the same environment. I started to see how I was being negatively affected by situations that I previously viewed as innocuous. And again, remember: People will attack you for what they don’t understand. They won’t think what you are doing is fair. The most important thing is your truth. Do not compromise it. I promise to you; I have spent enough time compromising. It doesn’t feel good.

So right now I am spending time alone to increase my frequency, presence, ignite my healing powers, and love dream work. I know that this world situation is only temporary, I know that freedom awaits us. After all, everything is temporary. Time will come, possibly soon, when it is time for me to get more involved in the physical reality. But for now, it is a time of inner action.

Healthy Disconnection

I want to make it clear that what I am talking about here is not necessarily for everyone. All of us have a different path. Many people out there are really suffering from loneliness and disconnection in this time of COVID. I have just built a paradigm which doesn’t depend on physical interaction in the same way. My thought is that maybe some people will see this and start to build a path out of loneliness or simply see that they don’t have to be judging themselves so much for disconnecting in some ways.

Finding what feels right is also a struggle. But I think deep down we usually know. For example, I am not advocating to ‘relax’ into your newfound alone time by smoking weed all day and watching TV shows, avoiding absolutely everything. I have been there too. There still needs to be progress and momentum in a direction. You just don’t need to define momentum and direction in purely physical terms. Like I said before, this is the MOST transformative time of my life and it has been done with the LEAST amount of interaction in the physical world (yet it has still brought great physical results when I DO choose to go out! Now that is cool!)

Rooted in Materialism

Looking back on this, I almost cringe at the way I was viewing the world. I was materialistic in a lot of ways. It isn’t that I wasn’t spiritual, but that I was putting the physical reality in front of the energetic. The truth is that I had it backwards.

When I look at the world around me, I see some people evolving into the new faith of spirituality without connection to the past religious dogmas, but also see record amounts of people lost, without any connection to higher power. I don’t know if it is in the cards for these people to reconnect spiritually but my guess is that if you have made it this far in my post, you might be one of these people. Follow that instinct and I think it will serve you well.



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