Conditioning of Identity and the Spiritual Consequences

I try not to talk politics too much on this site, but hey, spirituality is under attack by the politics of today. Today I am focused on the buzzword identity or the concept of identity politics. It is practically everywhere in the world and for the majority of the population their conscious and subconscious mind has been deeply influenced by this idea. This is the idea that skin color matters in terms of the way we should interact in the world. I understand the history and the current reality of racism, sexism, etc. I am here to put forward a new concept into people’s minds with the real goal of dismantling these isms once and for all.

In truth my idea is very simple, and is something that you have probably heard many times: Treat people as individuals. In the spirit of the great Yanni in his 1997 performance at the Taj Mahal: “There are as many ways to live life as there are people on this planet.” After that, he added a quote from Socrates: “The perfect human being is all of us put together.”

Interference in the Collective

The first idea that we must accept is that it is theoretically possible to build a society truly based on individuality and togetherness at the same time. When we realize that we are all part of the same thing, but also that we have been given a unique genetic vehicle, then we may start to become synergistic and use this fact to our advantage. This is the basis of a society without racism or sexism or any other ism. We all start to see the beauty in each individual which is beyond the skin, and accept them for whatever they are.

The above paragraph could almost be taken out of the Gene Keys book and cited. It is heavily based upon the 44th gene key (which is part of my profile). It’s shadow is interference, gift is teamwork, and siddhi is synarchy. What I am speaking to is the blossoming of teamwork within the genetics of the human population past the shadow of interference. In order to properly understand how this gift will come about, we must understand the mechanics which are keeping most of us in the shadow of interference.

Identity Politics

The political climate of today is heavily based on identity politics. This is a phenomenon of the left and the right, however I will concede that it is a much more obvious component of the left. This is a primary cause of what keeps us in the shadow of interference. Quite literally we are being taught interference everywhere. Through the media, education, work, and many other things.

Any time we are being taught to think of someone as less or more based on any single trait or see a policy being enacted which differentiates people and proposes economic and social changes to fit these differentiations, we are falling further into the shadow of interference.

Regardless of what you see whites having done in the past, or blacks having been subject to, we must understand that there is no end to this path of thinking. There is no definition you can plant on someone’s head that will actually define them. Us humans are paradoxical fractal patterns woven into the ever changing cosmos. The question of identity will always meet the paradox of individuality.

I agree with the left on one fundamental point, and that is the point of unconscious programming. We differ in that they prefer to duplicate the same programming which they are trying to get rid of! By teaching that we must discriminate against whites for their past discrimination of minorities is to create an endless cycle of anger and hatred between groups. Misunderstanding and chaos have already ensued to a great degree because of this.

Activate the DNA of Teamwork

The entire basis of my growth is in the activation of DNA. It is a scientific fact that your DNA is highly sensitive to subtle electromagnetic signals which can be transmitted in a variety of ways, one primary way being your attitude (here is a very basic study on that). Higher and more loving frequencies will literally transform your genetics into something much greater than you were before.

The attitudes that are being taught to us by the mainstream keep our DNA activated in the shadow frequency. Whites are taught to feel guilt. Minorities are taught that they are victims. These are negative definitions. When you implant something like that in the unconscious mind, chances are that it will manifest in that manner. Such is the nature of the unconscious mind; it cannot reject, it must accept.

We will eventually get to the point where we understand that abolishing definitions based on any single trait is how we create the most peaceful and prosperous reality for all. This is beyond any economic or political system that we traditionally conceive of in order to rectify the supposed injustices. It is a simple fact of frequency and acceptance. Trying to control the way in which it happens is nearly always bound to result in a rebound to the shadow. Defining anything based on a single group outcome misses the point that we are all one group, and in that group there is only one variable – individuals.


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