Solving Generalized Internal Resistances Across Sexes

All of us have a myriad of generalized internal resistances (GIR). In order to live a life with less stress and worry about who we are and who others are, I believe solving these internal resistances is of the utmost importance.

What Are Generalized Internal Resistances?

I call a generalized internal resistance a negative reaction to a certain category of people, things, events, etc. It is related to post traumatic stress, however it differs in that it doesn’t have to be a result of trauma. It can often be a result of natural thought processes.

I thought of this when contemplating my own life – I had a GIR to trusting people through my research into the inner workings of the financial system, spirituality, and other deep topics. With the complexity, the only thing I ended up being able to conceptualize was that of myself – the self obsession characteristic of the 10th gene key. Everything outside of me was twisted and unknown.

How Do We Develop Them?

The most common cause of developing these internal resistances is through the conditioning of the society any given person finds themselves in. In my opinion, this is because those people which run society know that the more of these GIRs they can install in the existing population, the harder it will be for people to find middle ground, honesty, and love in their interactions. Others can also be developed through trauma and natural unconscious developments based on the kind of experiences one exposes oneself to.

Conditioning the Narrative Between Men and Women

In my opinion, a huge sector of conditioning has been in the narratives between men and women. I believe that the objective here is to 1. Destroy individuality and make us all the same (part of that is removing biological differences between men and women), and 2. Cause us to express the worst aspects of our sex, through what the mainstream terms ‘toxic masculinity’ and the less talked about ‘toxic femininity’. While I understand that these two points might seem mutually exclusive, I don’t think they are. The intent would be to eventually merge them into one, creating toxic humans who are all the same.

Both women AND men are absolutely lacking in authentic femininity and masculinity. The dominant narrative of toxic men has created men who are trying to be like women to get away from their masculine nature (and try to please women, failing miserably, often becoming ‘incels’ afterwards!), and women who are trying to be like men to get away from the more vulnerable feminine nature! In truth, I understand both sides of it. I have a lot of sympathy for women who have been wounded by the masculine, and vice versa. I differ from the mainstream in that I think the reaction to that truth is causing more harm than good. Are we not seeing MORE toxicity than ever? More hatred between the sexes?

Building a Healthy Relationship to Your Masculine and Feminine Polarities

I view the polarities like this chart below:

This chart is essentially saying that the societal programmers are attempting to push everyone into the monotony of dullness – no polarity. My view is that when you reach the authentic expression on either side, the toxic expressions cease to exist and pure love flows from each. To quote an article from someone I trust, these are the authentic expressions of each:

“Masculinity is about presence and creation. Femininity is about harmony and flow. The closest proper analogy would be to compare masculinity with an oak tree and femininity with the water of a river, and we each have both energies within us to various levels.” (Source)

I am sure that a lot of men and women would be very triggered reading this – maybe not being aware that being triggered is never a beneficial outcome, whether you are in the right or not. Believe me. Ask anyone who has known me for a solid period of time. I LOVE TO BE TRIGGERED AND LASH OUT AT PEOPLE. Honestly, I’m like, amazing at it. But I know that it doesn’t help me. So I have been searching for different ways to express myself.

Triggered by Generalized Internal Resistances

I think the main expression of GIRs is by being triggered. Honestly, I dislike the way that the word triggered has been used. The right often makes fun of the left for always being triggered! But here’s the thing – the right also gets triggered quite a bit. They take different expressions maybe, but they are both very common.

This reaction is usually when someone/something doesn’t fit your generalized box of what should and shouldn’t be. For whatever reason, you think it is wrong for something to be this way, and so you want to change it. Don’t get me wrong – it is good to desire change. But it is the manner in which we react that matters. We cannot expect to get back love if we react out of anger (with the false thought that somehow we can make love out of anger), we cannot expect synergy if we antagonize, and we cannot expect understanding if we do not understand.

Understanding to me is part of acceptance. We must accept that our boxes cannot be the be-all-end-all of defining a person. Any time we try to understand and think we have it we are stepping back into the shadows. When we simply remove our barriers and boxes and listen to the truth of another person, then we can start to truly understand their unique journey. When we start to love them despite our differences, knowing that we are all expressions of the same divine oneness, then we start to love ourselves more. After all, your true self is much different than the ego self that must of us live in!

With love (I hope),


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