Root Chakra Problems In a World of Lies

The Energy of Lies

We live in a world full of lies. And for someone like me, who is sharing things which 99 percent of the global population has resistance to, these lies are very often in the forefront of my mind. In fact, the reason that they are often in the forefront of my mind is because the massive quantities cause me to continually seek approval and proof for what I believe in (a third eye problem).

While it is healthy to question (and prove things to yourself rather than relying on outside authorities to do so), continually listening to the lies (in order to refute them in my mind), caused me to allow them to exist. At this point I have seen enough, so I don’t care to even engage the lies that much anymore. The arguments and narratives always come from a place of fear, distrust, and worry.

Worry will destroy your ability to be free. Just as our false ego fights to stay alive by trying to prove to us that it exists when it does not, lies fight to stay alive by seeding doubt in our minds. That doubt is like a cancer that keeps us from growing and also consumes us in the process.

Root Chakra in Human Design

According to human design, the root chakra is responsible for “drive, ambition, stress, adrenaline, worry, and potential depression”( Within this same set of terms, we can also include the idea of trust. Not just trust in other people or authorities, but primarily trust in ourselves.

We also must keep in mind that all chakra centers reflect on the other centers – they are interconnected. So for many people, such as me, a good example for why depression comes up is that the fears impressed upon the spleen center create a loss of security and drive in the root system.

There are many reasons why we need trust in ourselves, but the main one I wish to talk about relates to the reason why so many people have a root chakra which is shut down (depressed, causing depression). It is the way in which we let the outside world determine our inner quality of mind.

The Outer World is Making it Harder to Trust

The reason so many people are now allowing the outer world to cause them stress and worry is because there are so many more reasons to worry! Complexity is going way up, and people are no longer just thinking about having a family and growing old with a 401k. While I admire those that choose that, the reality is that people are fed up with the world for many good reasons and are trying to find out how to work with it. The problem is that we are so fed up that we do not know who to trust! We don’t even trust ourselves. From there, progress is nearly impossible, because you will never fully commit to that which is true to you – you will continually seek outside approval.

The solution to resolving this trust rests in knowing your nature: You are an immortal soul and no matter what happens in this reality, so long as you live life for your own truth you are going to end up fine! This isn’t a declaration of utopia or absence of challenges or pain. Or a guarantee of physical life. It is simply my opinion that there is no reason to worry. There is no reason to distrust yourself. They can only be destructive towards your flowering. You must detach from needing to know for certain – that is not possible! Be certain that you aren’t certain! On this same vein, there is a certain degree of surrender to a higher power that I think helps; not a surrender that completely voids you of personal power, but a surrender which allows a greater force to work with and through you. If you do this, you will recognize that you have more power than you ever thought possible.

Disconnect From the Distrustful Sources

Interpreting and working with energy on yourself is surprisingly simple. When you take a look at something like your body graph, there are open and defined centers. The open centers are places where you are prone to conditioning. When in the presence of others, their defined centers will rub off on your open centers. It is really as simple as that. When positive energy is flowing to your undefined centers, it is AWESOME! When the opposite is happening, it has a host of effects. For me, I have an open spleen center. The spleen center is responsible for basic fears. So, other people will project their fears onto my open centers. This is not something I can simply ignore. What I noticed was that the fear I was holding onto was also shutting down my root center, which should be a powerful energy source for me.

When I started to remove fear from my own life, it was even more noticeable when people were projecting their fears onto me. And what is one of the greatest fears? The fear of being different. The push of conformity. The lack of trust that we could actually make it by being something totally unique. We could, but the mainstream does not want that to be an option. Conformity is the rule, whether it be in school, work, or another venue.

However, when you start to surround yourself with people who want to be different and unique, the entire dynamic changes. No longer do you question whether it is ok to be different – you feel the magic of uniqueness opening up and that is all you want to bask in!



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