Lost In Evolution

I went for a walk today out in the woods with my dog, and it was special. For those that do not know, I live in Connecticut, and in an area of it which is rich in nature. As I walked through the woods, I thought about the process of growth and decay over time. I saw trees of varying ages, streams, swamps, and animals. But I also saw grass. Not just regular forest grass – lush, green grass that any cow would die for. And then I saw the stone walls and remembered that only a little over a century ago, there were very few trees where I was standing. Almost all of it was beautiful, lush fields of grass which animals freely grazed on. What it was before that, I am not sure, nor do I care right now.

As we go through life, we very often feel that things need to happen quickly. We feel pressure to do this or that, and a lot of it is real because we do need a certain amount of resources to survive. However, to be honest, the very feeling and identification with that pressure is what causes a lot of people to become stuck and never make that next step into a more peaceful life.

Mother Earth, Gaia, always takes things at her natural pace. There is no rush to make things happen. There is no struggle. It is peaceful. And reconnecting with that is something that all of us could use in this world.

I guess what I am saying is that in our amazing human evolution, one in which unfathomable progress has been made in such a short period of time, there has also been unfathomable regression. The scope of this regression is possibly just as big as the scope of this progress. Why? Because as we become more disconnected from the natural rhythm of things, the flow, our relationship with this progress takes a new meaning. I see this meaning now as a very dark shadow in the collective.

It relates to the technology of gene editing, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. While I am not totally against these technologies, I think that without a question the way in which they are handled by the human race is of the utmost importance if we are to live happily and prosperously.

Aside from some of the obvious benefits of something like VR, such as training programs or even some simple fun time in moderation, I see many people in the world that want to use these technologies to accelerate their progress/evolution – and where are they accelerating towards? That is the real question. I would say that over 90 percent of the people which desire this technology are accelerating towards the end of scarcity and unhappiness. They want to be able to experience prosperity for themselves and they do not want to have to work for it.

The whole concept of working for something is logical though! Many people talk about lottery winners who go crazy and die after winning the lottery. Often their entire family is in disarray. I hold the view that things are very often too good to be true. And with the advent of the technologies I have outlined, I think there is a lot of this ‘too good to be true’. Prices will be paid for addiction.

Many movies have postulated this before. Perhaps the most famous would be The Matrix. A more recent movie would be Ready Player One. Both of these plainly describe the ‘actual reality’ (if we could even call it one, which we can’t, but that is probably a whole other blog post) as a sort of wasteland, where people are taken advantage of by technologically advanced overlords. This is very plainly what can happen if people allow themselves to be overtaken by something like VR. Almost like inception, the base reality will blur from the fake reality until people start to identify with the VR and not want anything to do with the real world.

So more on this real world thing – in my view, the ‘real world’ is much deeper than just the physical reality. It is a plane with multiple dimensions, of which we can access as beings with a soul and spirit, subtle energy bodies that vibrate at rarefied frequencies. So my real concern with these technologies is that the people controlling this technology will get exactly what they want: Not only will we disconnect from our physical body, but we will further disconnect from our steady process of evolving into the gift and siddhic frequencies (out of the shadow). Ironically, the very desire to accelerate our evolution could be the reason why we stop evolving.

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